About Us

Andrea and Kevin enjoying beers by the Hana coast

We’re Kevin and Andrea (Kev and Drea to our friends—which you’re about to become). We’re married, in love and all that mushy stuff. Individually he runs Kevin Brock Photography and she’s the creative curator for Crafted Hawaii. So, he takes kickass pictures, she plans it all out and makes it look pretty. Nine years ago we moved to Maui sight unseen. Yep, neither one of us had been to Hawaii, then the next thing we know we’re living in the most spectacular (and remote) part of the island: Hana. Seriously, it’s pretty hard to put into words how special this place is. It is one of a kind. That’s why we got married here. It’s become our home and we want to share it with you.

Self portrait at night after our wedding in Hana Maui

About You

You’re laid back and adventurous. Like us, you live for new experiences in faraway places and have respect for the cultures you find there. Neither of you are into all the hoopla of a big guest list, seating charts or posing for endless pictures while your beer is getting warm. (Our beers are always cold.) You want to elope because when it comes down to it, a wedding is about a marriage between you and the person you love. And you want some place that is different and unique to exchange your vows, where you can get amazing photos in out of the way locations that will make your family understand why they weren’t invited to the Big Day.  Hana is that place and we are just the couple to make it happen for you.

Even more about us...



Northern Yankee / Michigan Native


Double-jointed in left thumb


Once styled bed that Fabio laid in


Comes from a big, loud family 


Sleeps like a raccoon having a seizure




Southern Gentleman / Virginia Native


Runner Up Henry County Spelling Bee – 3rd Grade

Once built bed that Fabio laid in


Comes from a small, quiet family


Sleeps like a corpse


Kev & Drea


Love animals, especially our 3 dogs & late Kitty


Craft beer, homemade pizza and tacos, duh!


‘The Americans’ was the best TV show 


Road trips are better than plane rides


Making music, instruments and bleep-bloops

Check out our Wedding Film

Take it from us, weddings go by in a flash! Photos are essential to help tell your story but video is an added bonus to help you relive it over and over. We were stoked to have the best filmmakers in Hawaii, our friends, Kent and Darlene of Ohana Films create the most beautiful film of our wedding day. So grab yourself some tissues, a juicy cocktail, maybe even a couple tacos and enjoy our love story…well at least 11 and 1/2 minutes of it. 

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